My item arrived damaged - what do I do?

My item arrived damaged - what do I do?

If an item arrives damaged, please let us know immediately by emailing photos of the damages to or submitting a support ticket.

Please also advise (and include photos) if the packaging was damaged. This is a clear sign that the courier has caused the damaged while your item has been in transit. 

If an item's packaging is visibly damaged, do not accept the delivery! You are allowed to reject it.

99% of damages occur during transportation, while your item is in the hands of the courier. For this reason, we have transit insurance with our suppliers. 

Our suppliers' one requirement is that you check the item for damages within 24 hours of receiving them and let us know right away. If you tell us after a week or a month, we will be unable to provide you with a replacement item.

There have been instances in the past of customers only opening their items a month (one customer didnt open his oven for 3 months after receiving it) after delivery to discover dents on the equipment. By this stage, understandibly, it had been too long a time period to hold the courier responsible and our suppliers were not able to provide any compensation. 

We understand that you might be renovating your kitchen and prefer to keep the equipment boxed up until it's ready for installation however we strongly request that you check the items for damages within 24 hours of receiving them incase we need to arrange a replacement. If there is no transit damage but you don't need the equipment for some time, you can always re-box it!

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