I ordered an Upright Fridge thinking it was a freezer, am I able to exchange it?

I ordered an Upright Fridge thinking it was a freezer, am I able to exchange it?

As long as the item is unused and in all original packaging, it can generally be exchanged within 30 days of your order for the following brands:

Polar Refrigeration

Unfortunately all other brands will charge 10% - 30% restocking fees, subject to inspecting returned products.
The restocking fees cover the costs associated with putting the item back into inventory in the correct warehouse.
All returned products need to be transported, then inspected for damages, which includes unboxing, testing and then re-boxing, which takes time and incurs a cost.

This process is essential as it ensures that items can be resold in brand new condition, and requires warehouse staff to complete.
We can assist in arranging collection and delivery back to the original warehouse however you will be responsible for these charges, along with any restocking fees charged by our suppliers.

If items have been used or are not returned in all original packaging, a return will not be accepted.
More information can be found on our returns information page

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