Can the courier deliver my item into my home or garage?

Can the courier deliver my item into my garage?

Unfortunately, we can never guarantee that a courier will place your item in the garage if you have only ordered Door-to-Door (kerbside) delivery service. This is because couriers we use such as Cope Sensitive Freight, TNT and Bluestar logistics are bound by their own delivery and limited insurance policies which do not cover them entering your home.

These couriers are generally cheaper than other options because they use a single driver per truck to complete deliveries. A single driver is not able to negotiate a large, bulky item such as a fridge through tight corners and over stairs in homes. Furthermore, couriers currently have other restrictions in place due to Covid, as you can appreciate, they dont want to go inside of any homes (or garages). The other option, for total peace of mind will be to use a private courier, but that will cost more, which most customers are not interested in.

So I totally understand you want the item to be delivered in time for the weekend so you can set it up but please remember this is a business-style courier as we primarily deliver to business addresses with unloading facilities. You or your partner are welcome to ask the driver if he can place the fridge in the garage, they are usually happy to assist if its a straight, clean run with no stairs etc. We have had instances in the past where we have arranged fridges to be delivered into the garage which have resulted in damages and of course no one wants to accept responsibility when this occurs. So please ensure there are no obstacles which may potentially collide with your delivery!

If paying a bit extra for a specialized courier to take the item inside for you is not an option, our suggestion is to go ahead with the standard delivery and you can ask the driver to put it inside when he arrives on the day of delivery. In the absolute worst case scenario, if the driver is not able to do so, he will leave it in front of the garage or the house and you can put it inside when you get a chance.

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